Okay, it’s now the time for me to cover Our Time. Having spent countless hours researching this dating product, I’m here to share everything that I know about it. You’ll want to read this whether you’re planning on chatting it up with some senior citizens or if you’re looking to use any of the other sites owned and operated by this company.

I’ve done my best to cover the ins and outs of it all and trust me, it’s quite alarming. Here’s what I discovered about this website and why you need to be careful using it. Oh, before I do, I’ll also go on record saying that I use this website over all others.

OurTime.com Review

My Review Of OurTime.com

Normally, if you look for some telltale signs you can tell a dating site is an out and out scam. They simply don’t actually provide the transparency and accountability of a reputable business. In situations such as ourtime.com, the business itself may be legitimate. However, the actual user base of the site has been overrun with romance scammers and escorts who are not looking to do any type of dating.

What Is OurTime?

Ourtime.com is partnered up with many other dating sites, including one of the most popular called match.com, and it’s supposed to be catering to an audience of over fifty singles looking for love. So there are reasons to trust the site itself and not assume it’s an outright scam. But ourtime.com is not a place you should be going to look for love.

The Same Old Messaging Issues

Many scam dating sites send you a variety of emails and messages and implore you to upgrade your membership so that you can read them. Ourtime.com has a similar tactic, where you can’t read a single email you get unless you upgrade your account. The membership options range from thirty dollars a month to ninety dollars for three months.

Testing 1,2,3

Dating websites often bury, in their terms and conditions, the fact that they will be using promotional or test profiles on the site. Usually, this means that every profile on the site is completely fake and run by the site. However, with ourtime.com it does appear that these accounts are simply there for testing purposes so that they can gain information, and is not necessarily malicious.

This does not mean there aren’t dangerous accounts or fake profiles on the site, however.

Legit dating sites often have a problem known as “romance scammers,” which are business outfits that employ individuals whose entire job is to scam people on social media sites into sending them money for a variety of reasons. They will create a fake profile with a fake picture, and then message you to try and build a relationship with you. Once that happens, they will find a way to ask you for your phone number or personal email, and from there will try to get you to send them money any way that they can. The user reviews of ourtime.com show that the site is rampant with these types of accounts.

These types of users are frequently referred to as Nigerian scams but I hate using that term because so many people are performing this scam but they are not from Nigeria. Anyway, I hate to digress so back to the topic at hand.

Old Escorts

Outside of these Nigerian accounts, you will find many profiles that are simply manned by escorts looking to have you pay for sex. There is still no guarantee that the escort you are dealing with looks anything like the profile they have set up.

Likewise, ourtime.com does a terrible job of navigating these issues. They actually have a shady practice themselves of finding ways to automatically bill you for specific perks and to make the website design basically impossible to navigate without agreeing to some new charge.

Careful Of Hackers

The site is rampant with hackers who try to crack your profile for your personal information, and the customer service aspect of ourtime.com is non-existent. Even if the site itself is not actively trying to scam you like other dating sites, there are still fraudulent business practices at play and dangerous elements. You should avoid this site for your dating needs.

Conclusion: Our Time Is Not Great, Steer Clear Of This

I know I’ve mentioned to you that lots of scams exist (such as fish4hoes.com and even snaphookup.com) and while this one might not be as terrible as most of them, it’s still pretty bad. Be careful if you’re going to take the chance and jump in on using this. In my opinion, you’re better off not doing so.

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