I’ve been spending so much time these days using all these new dating sites, I don’t even know where to begin sharing. Having spent a lot of time using the Snapsext.com app, I’ve become slightly addicted to swiping. Now, that being said, I can almost guarantee that you’re not going to have that same experience if you use Swipecheaters.com.

But it’s easy to see what attracted me to the app. For one, the swiping and the married women, which means no commitment required. Well, I should also mention that if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Find out why I’m completely dissing this Swipecheaters.com website and why you should as well.


My Report Of SwipeCheaters.com – Why You Must Avoid It!

It’s important to be educated on just how ubiquitous dating scam sites are because they can be really dangerous if you stumble upon one. Most people don’t realize just how much time and energy gets put into getting these scam sites up to look legitimate and appealing. You have to understand that they almost always target male users because they think they are the most vulnerable. Swipecheaters.com is one such website.

It has actually been up scamming people for years, but because of deceptive terms and conditions, they still get away with it. That’s because they admit right up front that the profiles on the site you will interact with are not necessarily real people or real pictures. When they make this type of admission it’s just for legal cover so they can keep scamming people.

Legit Look, Same Old Messaging Scam

Like most scam sites, the number one goal is to appear to be just like other legit dating sites. You will first notice that something is not right the moment you sign up for the free membership. You will basically start receiving messages from “women” immediately, even before your profile is set up.

This doesn’t make much sense, because how would these hot women know you’ve signed up to the site five minutes ago? They will also make comments on your looks or preferences even before you have a picture up or fill out a profile.

No Real Women

All of this non-responsive chatter is because these women aren’t really there. The messages you are receiving are from bots that will spew out generic comments that they send to everyone who joins the site. You will get a variety of contacts that are from computer bots.

Whether you find them in your email inbox, your direct message inbox, or with a variety of notifications from the website, you have to understand its all fake. There is no one real sending you the messages. Not only that, but all of the pictures on the site are fake as well.

Images Are Ripped

If you do a basic reverse image search, it’s incredibly easy to find the original source of the “hot girls” that are allegedly on the site. Swipecheaters.com doesn’t even bother stealing from places you can’t find. These photos are from other cam girls and porn stars that are all over the internet.

They even rip pictures from social media accounts of normal women. All this hard work to seem legit is because the moment you want to read a message or reply back, you will be hit with the prompt to get the paid membership. Then you see that the whole point is just to get your credit card info.

Conclusion: SwipeCheaters Trial Converts To An Expensive Membership

Even if you think the three day trial for three dollars is safe, the terms and conditions point out that it gets automatically renewed to forty bucks a month after three days. Also, they automatically sign you up for two other porn sites at the same price.

That three dollar trial can turn into an over a hundred dollars a month recurring fee if you’re not careful. And who knows what else they would do with your credit information if they employ these types of practices. Make sure to stay far away from this site and all of its partner sites. If you want to use a site that works, as I said, you can try the Snapsext site or perhaps head over to the homepage of my site to learn more.

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